2019 – our ninth year rocking

FY Facebook cover imageChoirs are the new cool. At least, this one is. Maybe it is because the prerequisite for entry is that members must be over 65 years young. It might be in the rocking repertoire of songs that they sing but more likely, it is simply because this hip group of seniors have the get up and go to rehearse like rock stars and then take to the stage, Ulumbarra no less, and let rip.

Since 2011, Bendigo’s most active senior citz have been singing themselves and the community to better health and better lives.

They call themselves ‘Forever Young’ and you only have to attend their annual concert to experience the truth behind the name. With a repertoire made up of classic and contemporary rock and pop songs ranging from the Rolling Stones to the Ramones to Robbie Williams, this is a choir like no other. Songs we all know and love take on a new life with movement, dance, sound and lighting. There is never a dull moment for this choir or their audience.

The choir was born from a perfect storm that started with the vision of a whirlwind music maestro, Laura Dusseljee, the Head of Junior School Music at Girton Grammar School. The School has a long-standing history of dedication to Community Service, which Laura shamelessly used to her advantage. Throw in a weekly morning tea organised by a volunteer roadie, use of a School hall for rehearsals, a String Orchestra made up of Senior School students, a school Rock Band a school publicity team and voila, you have a community choir.

The students become part of something bigger than themselves, the choir members make new friends, the community gets a sensational annual concert and everyone is happy!

This is more than a choir. It is a community. The joy and friendship that fills the school hall each week is truly palpable and if ever we needed proof that eighty is the new seventy or that our elders still have plenty to give, here it is.

FY 2017 'selfies' photo framed
Forever Young Rock Choir members practice the art of the ‘selfie’ at the 2017 ‘HOME’ photo shoot at Fortuna Villa


Forever Young is proudly supported by Triple M Bendigo

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