Elaine Cornish

1. Elaine CornishElaine Cornish has been singing in one form or another for most of her life. She has performed in various shows, at weddings and reviews. But her motivation to join the Forever Young choir was quite cathartic.

“I was travelling in a caravan around Australia with my husband when we found out that he was terminally ill. We returned to Bendigo and after he died I needed to find a way to help me heal from the grief I was experiencing.

“Through a friend I heard about the Forever Young choir and I’ve been healing ever since.
“I love that I go down the street now and the chances are I will bump into a choir friend.
“Fun and friendship are the two main things that I get out of being in the choir. We socialise outside of the choir rehearsals and every year we are getting better too,” Elaine said.

Elaine also loves the interaction the choir has with the Girton Grammar students. Sometimes the group performs for groups of students and the band is supported by the Girton Grammar School orchestra and rock band, who rehearse with the group.
“Performing with the students helps us feel young. In last year’s concert I was a Go-Go girl which definitely stopped me from feeling old!,” she said.

“Forever Young” which the choir performs as part of the annual concert is Elaine’s favourite choir song.

“I love the harmonies in “Forever Young” and Laura has a knack for getting out of her choir exactly what she needs. The range of the repertoire that she is able to teach us is amazing,” Elaine said.

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