Christine Haddrick

Christine has been with the Forever Young choir since its inception. She responded to the invitation to join from another choir member because she thought it might help her meet people and adjust to life in Bendigo, having just retired and moved from Melbourne. She says in hindsight that taking on two massive life changes at one time was not a great idea, but the choir definitely helped her to settle into her new life.

“The choir is full of beautiful people and the Thursday rehearsals are something I always look forward to. In fact, this is the first time I have ever taken on a weekly commitment. Life has been too full and complicated to be able to devote time to anything on a weekly basis, even when my children were small. I consider Forever Young choir to be a growth curve and I jump out of bed every Thursday morning with extra bounce,” Christine said.

Christine said that, apart from church choirs, she has not previously been formally involved with music but she has always been aware of the benefits music could add to life, which was why she insisted that her four children learnt an instrument.

“I knew that music could help release positive endorphins and that it could add another dimension of self-knowledge and enjoyment to people’s lives and it has certainly done this for me.

“I am absolutely amazed at what our Choir Director, Laura, has been able to encourage out of me. I never thought I could sing soprano and here I am, using a vocal range I had never attempted. On good days I can get the high ‘G’ – I would not attempt the ‘Á’ though. Hmmm, should I reveal this secret?”

“Laura is a Trojan. She respects everybody and has a wicked sense of humour. Her musical knowledge and general knowledge is amazing and I love the excitement each week as Laura reveals new things and makes improvements to an already perfect song – or so Rodriguez thought.”

“Laura makes the whole experience what it is, and it is brilliant,” she said.

Christine said that it is difficult to choose a favourite song, that it could be Knocking on Heaven’s Door as she gets older, or I Wanna Know What Love Is when she thinks about her clients who will wed (Christine is a celebrant), but she finally settles on I Wonder.

“I wonder about the tears in children’s eyes, about soldiers that die, and if hatred will ever end.

“This song has special meaning at this time as I reflect and contemplate the shifting dynamic that is taking place in my life and in the world on so many different levels,” Christine said.

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