Moya Anderson

When Moya bravely turned up to her first Forever Young choir rehearsal on her own, a lady called Eril immediately approached her and invited Moya to sit with her. Eril and Moya have been sitting together at Forever Young choir rehearsals ever since, and that was 4 years ago.

“There is such a sense of belonging in this choir, right from the start,” Moya said.

“There is a real sense that we are a small community of like-minded people who truly enjoy one another’s company.

“Since joining the choir I have developed great friendships. Five of us take it in turns to host lunch at one another’s homes and we often go out for coffee after rehearsals,” she said.

Moya says that singing makes her feel uplifted and younger. She joined the choir after attending one of the annual concerts and having been moved to tears by the end of the third song.

“I knew someone in the choir and when they came to me during the interval of the concert and asked if I was enjoying the show I was quite emotional.

“My friend encouraged me to ring the Choir Director, Laura, to ask about joining, which I did, and within a couple of weeks, Laura called back to say she would love me to join the group.

“Laura is pure inspiration,” she said.

Moya was a member of the Bendigo Probus group for 9 years but when she discovered that her commitments with that group would interfere with Thursday morning choir rehearsals, she found her loyalties lay firmly with the choir.

“I simply couldn’t bear missing my Thursday morning choir practice. It’s too precious and I get too much out of it.

“I’ve even noticed since joining the choir and memorising lyrics that I read better. I am much less inclined to skip words on the page.

“I have been known to plan my holidays around choir practice so as not to miss one and everyone thinks the Christmas break from the choir is far too long!” she said.

Moya has not done any singing since leaving school and never imagined that she might sing as an adult.

“I’ve always loved music and the good thing about the choir is that it does not matter if you are not pitch perfect. Laura has a way of making our voices blend.

“One of Laura’s better known sayings, which is so typical of her humour is; if you’re going to make a mistake, make it a good one.”

Moya was a nurse for many years and still volunteers every Monday at St Vincent’s de Paul, helping out with people less fortunate than herself. She loves singing “In These Arms” by Bon Jovi, which she says has lovely lyrics and Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best”, which she says the choir makes sound wonderful. She also says that like so many of her fellow choir members, “Forever Young”, always chokes her up.