Richard Dole

Richard had just retired when he saw an article in the local newspaper about the Forever Young choir.

“I enjoy singing and I like rock and roll so joining the choir seemed like a good idea,” he said.

Richard has sung in church choirs at various times so he knew roughly what he was in for when joining the Forever Young choir but what he was not prepared for was such an inspiring Choir Director.

“I love the aura of Laura! She is so inspirational and she relates well to us. She takes us out of our comfort zones too, which must be good for us!

Richard is a big fan of rock and roll from the 50’s and 60’s but is also really enjoying singing more modern songs of the rock and roll genre.

“I think music can connect the generations. It’s great when my children catch me singing a song of their vintage. It makes me feel more in touch with younger people. It’s just one of many peripheral benefits of being a part of this particular choir.

“It’s a lovely friendly group and being a part of the choir gives me a warm feeling.

“I’ve made new friends and a bunch of us go out for coffee after the Thursday rehearsal. It’s a good way to spend retirement!” Richard said.

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