Pyrenne and David Tromans –69 years young

Each year when the Girton Grammar School Jazz Band and String Orchestra support the Forever Young Rock Choir, music is specially arranged for the instrumentalists to accompany performances by special guest artists. Over the past three years, these guest appearances have included Mark Seymour, Normie Rowe and Wilbur Wilde. This year, Kate Ceberano will sing … More Pyrenne and David Tromans –69 years young

Patricia King

“It’s not about me” – “There’s always someone worse off than yourself” – “Say what you think and then move away”. These are just a few of the nuggets of wisdom unearthed in a conversation with 88 year old Forever Young choir member, Patricia King. Having had 6 children of her own and now with … More Patricia King

Carolyn Bartlett

It is such a gift to feel life, rather than simply process it and Carolyn Bartlett is one of those lucky people who can immerse in life and revel in its colour whilst maintaining a high degree of control over her own emotions. It makes for very pleasant and very interesting company. Carolyn grew up … More Carolyn Bartlett

Geoffrey Phelps

For someone who opens a conversation explaining that when he was 7 years old he received 13 “cuts” from Sister Anne at St Laborious Primary School, and that he left school at just over thirteen years of age, Geoffrey Phelps is incredibly upbeat. An optimism and unbridled energy permeates everything that he says and he … More Geoffrey Phelps

Pamela Vine

The message garnered after a chat with Forever Young choir member, Pamela Vine, is that in life it is better to follow your interests, not the rules. It seems to have worked extremely well for her. Where some parents might insist that their child stick to the instrument they have chosen to play and to … More Pamela Vine

Cheryl Axell

When Cheryl Axell entered the Forever Young choir over 2 years ago, it may have involved a teeny, tiny white lie. To be in the Forever Young choir, members must be at least 65 years old as Cheryl quickly points out and she is nearly 66. Given her naturally youthful looks and personality, questions were … More Cheryl Axell

Bing Lilburne

Although christened Cyril George, after his father and known by his family as Billie, it was whilst working at Angliss Meatworks in 1942 linking sausages to be canned for Australian soldiers off at war, that Billie Lilburne became affectionately known as “Bing”. At the time, a group of six ladies on the production line were … More Bing Lilburne