Brenda Thomas

Brenda Thomas is as insightful as she is cheeky. She has a lightness of being and a twinkle in her eye which she says is at least in part because she is a member of the Forever Young choir. “Before joining the choir I was emotionally and physically unwell,” she says. “I needed to get … More Brenda Thomas

Richard Dole

Richard had just retired when he saw an article in the local newspaper about the Forever Young choir. “I enjoy singing and I like rock and roll so joining the choir seemed like a good idea,” he said. Richard has sung in church choirs at various times so he knew roughly what he was in … More Richard Dole

Elaine Cornish

Elaine Cornish has been singing in one form or another for most of her life. She has performed in various shows, at weddings and reviews. But her motivation to join the Forever Young choir was quite cathartic. “I was travelling in a caravan around Australia with my husband when we found out that he was … More Elaine Cornish