MS Gen ReleaseAustralian rock legend Mark Seymour, lead singer of one of Australia’s most seminal bands, Hunters & Collectors, will make a special guest appearance at the annual Forever Young community rock choir concert at the Ulumbarra Theatre in Bendigo on 19th September, 2017.

Mark  is one of Australia’s most gifted and respected musicians. He will take to the stage with Bendigo’s hippest seniors and sing rock classics that are etched into the Australian national consciousness, as well as newer songs from his solo albums.

The annual concert has captured the hearts and minds of the people from Central Victoria and draws a growing audience, selling out the almost 1,000 seat Ulumburra Theatre in Bendigo two years in a row.

The choir thrives on the opportunity to give something back to the community that has supported them and audience members come along not only to enjoy music that lifts the roof with the energy and passion of being young at heart, but to support Bendigo’s hippest seniors.

Performances are rarely static, with sound, light, and celebrity guest appearances from Normie Rowe and Wilbur Wilde keeping the audience on the edge of its seats.

This year’s theme is designed to encourage the audience to contemplate what ‘home’ means to them. For every audience member it will mean something different – a different time and a different place, and our choir members refer to places all over the world as ‘home’ for all sorts of reasons.

The magic that happens when young people in the orchestra and rock band perform with the not so young is pretty special. It’s sometimes funny, with shows punctuated with unexpected moments, and always moving.

Tickets are selling fast to this one-off event.  At the time of writing there are just 120 seats left in the Ulumbarra Theatre.  Click HERE to buy tickets to the 2017 Forever Young Rock Choir Concert featuring special guest star Mark Seymour.