Laura DusseljeeLaura Dusseljee, Head of Girton Grammar Junior School Music Department, is not only the founder of the choir but the ongoing heart and soul of it. Ask any choir member.

Laura is originally from South Africa and has been involved in community choirs all her life. Amongst many accolades resulting from a hugely successful career of music, Laura was invited to train a small group of singers to accompany President Nelson Mandela on his first visit to London as President of South Africa.

Laura is also the Director of Women of Note which is a treble choir based in Bendigo. This choir has performed in South Africa and the USA and have been invited to perform with some of Australia’s most significant women’s choirs including Illumina (Adelaide), Allegria (Adelaide) and The Melbourne Women’s Choir to name a few.

Needless to say, the Forever Young choir is in incredibly capable hands.

Everyone knows that singing is good for the soul. They say it releases ‘happy hormones’. However, it is also possible that Laura laces the cakes with something each week during morning tea, but here are just some of the comments that choir members make about their unstoppable leader:

 “I love the aura of Laura! She is so inspirational and she relates well to us. She takes us out of our comfort zones too, which must be good for us!”  Richard Dole (age 68)

 “Laura is a Trojan. She respects everybody and has a wicked sense of humour,” Christine Haddrick (age 69)

“Laura is pure inspiration,” Moya Anderson (age 82)

“There’s only one Laura and there will only ever be one Laura. She is a freak. In the nicest possible way!” Frank Roberts (age 89)

“Laura has incredible energy and inspires so many people,” Joy Roberts (age 69)

“I love Laura. She is so loving and has great energy. She is extremely dedicated,” Geoffrey Phelps (age 66)

“I think she enjoys teaching the choir as much as we like being in it. You sense that. And I think her personality sustains the choir,” Annie Young (age 76).